Where did all my hard disk goes to ?

I have over 80 GB of hard disk space in my laptop. To my surprise I just found that i only have 8 GB left. How can I find out where all those HD goes to ? Luckily Ubuntu is equipped with lots of tools to let us know where does that hard disk space goes to.

1. Disk Usage Analyzer.

Just go to ‘Application’ > ‘Accessories > ‘Disk Usage Analyzer’

Ubuntu Disk Usage Analyzer

Ubuntu Disk Usage Analyzer

Disk Usage Analyzer gives different option like analyzing disk usage by file system, folder, or remote folder.

2. Using console

The following script that I found in Ubuntu Geek’s blog, show you how much disk space that our software consume.

dpkg-query –show –showformat=’${Package;-50}\t${Installed-Size}\n’ | sort -k 2 -n | grep -v deinstall | awk ‘{printf “%.3f MB \t %s\n”, $2/(1024), $1}’ | tail -n 10.

Note: Copy pasting the above script to your desktop may replace the single quotes and double quotes with some ‘quote like’ characters. So you may need to replace them with actual quotes in your desktop.


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2 Responses to Where did all my hard disk goes to ?

  1. Not only the quotes – also the ‘–‘ became a unique long dash. I wonder why blogging platforms do such things 🙂

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