Managing your passwords

Firefox has done an amazing job in managing my passwords. You can find your saved password by accessing them from ‘Tools’ > ‘Option’ > ‘Security’ > ‘Saved Passwords’. Firefox also put an extra security for your password, by allowing its user to define a ‘Master Password’ . Firefox will not display your saved password without asking its user to enter the ‘Master Password’.

Synchronizing Your Password Across Browser

User can also install ‘Xmark‘  so that you can synchronize your saved passwords across different firefox. Xmark allows user to upload their firefox bookmark, and optionally their saved password into XMark’s server. User will be able to download these bookmarks and password when they are using a different firefox browser.

Maintaining a local copy of your password

Some of us prefer to manage our password locally on our HD. KeePass is the perfect tool for this purpose. Kee Pass uses strong security algorithm to secure your data. It also create Key Files so you do not need to remember your master password to decrypt your password database. When combined Key File and Master Password provides better protection against brute force attack.

Bringing them all altogether

Another  wonderful thing about Kee Pass is that it can synch your firefox password. Just install Kee Fox and you can start synchronizing your firefox password with kee pass. At the time of writing Kee Fox is still under active development, but it definitely offers a lot potential to easily manage your saved firefox password.

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