Ubuntu Desktop Eye Candy

So last night I got bored with my Ubuntu desktop and decided to get new themes for Ubuntu.

Gnome Look

You can download icons, themes, wallpaper from gnome look. I usually download new themes from Gnome’s Metacity page. The great thing about gnome look is that the website let its user to browse the most popular or highly downloaded themes.

Installing Themes

Ubuntu manages themes from ‘System > Preferences > Appearance‘.

The theme ‘tab’ let you browse a list of theme to install. Selecting different theme will automatically change your Ubuntu theme. The ‘Theme’ button lets you install new theme. Metacity themes files are packaged in a ‘*tar.gz’ format. You can simply install a theme by selecting the tar file.

Themes Component

A themes is defined into different parts: Controls, Colors,Window Border, Icons, and Pointer.

New controls, window border, icon, or pointer will be added after we install a theme. We can mix and match each of these components to create a customize desktop.

KDE Themes

Ubuntu allow us to use other desktop look and feel. A popular look and feel beside gnome is KDE. Ubuntu Karmic that I use does not come with KDE Desktop. Go to ‘System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager’ and search for kubuntu.

Select ‘Kubuntu Desktop’ by ticking the checkbox and click the ‘Apply’ button. This will install the KDE desktop.

You’ll then be asked if you want to use gdm or kdm as your display manager. The display manager is basically the login screen. Both GDM and KDM will allow you to choose whether you log into Gnome or KDE. I chose GDM because I use GNOME more.

Log out from your current session. Select KDE from the session drop down list to start using KDE.

You can uninstall kde by removing ‘kdelibs5’ and ‘kubuntu’ related packages from synaptic package manager.

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2 Responses to Ubuntu Desktop Eye Candy

  1. Victor says:

    Isn’t there an easier way to install KDE themes than downloading ~170 MB worth of packages and then occupying ~700 MB on disk after installation? :/

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