Ubuntu Cube Desktop

I have been trying to get Ubuntu Cube Desktop to work in my laptop. After numerous attempts tweaking my settings I found out that there are a lot of factors that affects the cube desktop effects.

1st Factor: Compiz

Make sure You have Compiz Fusion installed in your ubuntu. Ubuntu Community has a documentation on how to install it.

2nd Factor: Desktop Effect

Make sure you enable ‘Desktop Cube’ and ‘Rotate Cube’  that is located in the ‘Desktop’ tab in compiz. Also make sure ‘Edge Flip Move’ in rotate cube effect is enabled.

3rd Factor: Short Cut Key Combination

The standard keyboard and mouse combination to rotate the cube is : ctrl+alt+left-click.You can customize this, but just make sure it does not clash with other short cut combination that  you have.

4th Factor: Desktop Size

You must set your desktop horizontal size to 4.  This controlled from Compiz ‘General tab‘.

5th Factor: Desktop Visual Effect

Ensure that Ubuntu desktop effect is enabled. Desktop Visual effect can be accessed through System > Preferences > Appearance  in ‘Visual Effect’ .

The standard Visual Effect in Ubuntu are: ‘None’,’Normal’, and ‘Extra’. There will be a fourth option ‘Custom’ after compiz is installed. Enabled the custome visual effect. If you see a message saying ‘Desktop effects could not be enabled’, this could mean that you do not have the appropriate video driver installed.

6th Factor: Video Driver

You need the right video drive to enable the desktop effect. This is a useful command to get information on your video card.

sudo lshw -C display
  • NVidia: There is a good tutorial on how to it from psychocat
  • Intel 965: Apparently Intel 965 is blacklisted.  So we need to manually tweak Ubuntu to get it work. According to compiz website we need to add ‘SKIP_CHECKS=yes’ in our  ‘~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager .’

What’s your experience with cube desktop effect ? Is there any other alternative to compiz for Ubuntu ?



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