Social Media Rules – Don’t Overdo it

Social networking sites has permeated almost every aspect of our live. People tweets what they are eating, what shoe they wear, natural disaster, etc. 76 million people logged in to Facebook’s popular Farmville game on a daily basis to tend their crops, help out their buddies to water their plants. Drago Rua’s list out 30 secret rules of social media, on how to be polite and keep our manners while we are on the net socializing through our favourite social network sites. I was reading his list and contemplating :

Drago : “Don’t trust a follower with a nice woman picture as an avatar but with a nickname containing more than 4 digits. The photo is most likely a fake and you’re dealing with a nice looking spammer.”

Me: Yea this is true. Twitter is flooded with bots disguising themselves as people so that they can tap into our activities. more than 50 % of my followers are bots disguising themselves as beautiful women or strangely animals or soft puppets”.

Drago: “Reaching the front page of Digg is equivalent in some cultures with winning the lottery. The probability, I mean.”

Me: “I am always fascinated by how Digg harness the power of collaborations of its member to surface the most popular topic on the net. I would like to see some entry from my Blog reach Digg’s main page. Well that is still a long way to go I guess”

Drago: ” You will receive crazy, totally useless, nice looking small gifts. Get used to it. It’s not spam. It’s gifts.”

Me: “It is annoying at times to see that your walls are cluttered with all sorts of gifts, flowers, coffee, or teddy bears. I have to agree that they are not spams. They are gifts from my friends. Something to remind me that they still remember to ‘click’ my name when they are sending senseless virtual gifts from their facebook”.

Drago:”If you’ve read everything on this list and agreed with at least 50% of what’s in it, you badly need a life. A real life.”

Me:“Ooops. Here come the bitter truth of reality that I have to accept. I am spending too much time on my social networks.Time to get log out from facebook, twitter, stumble upon, fousquare, digg. Time to call my friends. Arrange dinners. Do my Aikido. Catch up on my studies.”

Tracking Online Activity with Page Addict

PageAddict is a good firefox extenstion that you can use to see how much time you spend online. Download it from here. You can access PageAddict from ‘Tools’

PageAddict let you tag url to classify the type of websites that you browse.

You can see what you have been browsing by accessing Page Addict from ‘Tools > PageAddict’

Media Diet Plan

Keeping your activities balanced is always good. Sticking your eyes to a screen for too long depletes your muscle abilities. Wired magazine published their recommended media diet plan. This consist of 1 hour of gaming, 0.75 hour of microblogging,  1.25 hour of social networking, 2.5 hour of news, and 3.5 hour of entertainment. So this is a new note for me, spend no more than 1.25 hour a day social networking on the net.


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