Meld – a File Comparison Tool for Ubuntu

I have been using Beyond Compare to compare file in Windows. Beyond Comparison is an amazing file comparison tool. I uses Meld when I am working in Ubuntu.

1. Install meld by typing the following command in your console :

sudo <code>apt-get install meld

2. You can access meld through ‘Applications > Programming > Meld

3. Create a new project by clicking the ‘New‘ icon.

4. Click on the ‘Directory Comparison‘ to compare directories.

specify the 2 directories that you want to compare. Meld will automatically compare the directories after your click ‘ok’

Comparison window

I usually click on the ‘Modified’ button to show those files that has differences.

You can view the file differences by double clicking on the file name. I simply Click on the left or right black arrow to move the changes into a file.

Meld is a great file comparison tool. I am always looking for better software to do my work. What is your experience with Meld ? Do you find there is a better file comparison tool ? Let me know if you know some.

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7 Responses to Meld – a File Comparison Tool for Ubuntu

  1. Victor says:

    Nope! Meld is definitely the best one I’ve used.

    There’s somewhat of a diff resolve tool in emacs called ediff or something. But meld, that’s just so easy to use and nice and clear. I just wish I had a wider screen so it could fit the three panels better. Also it does require X, which isn’t always available, for example over ssh without the -X flag.

  2. Dan says:

    Meld has saved me so many times I’ve lost count. It’s one the essential items I always install when setting up a work station. And I agree with Victor, it’s by far the best diff tool I’ve used (on any OS)

  3. anon says:

    If you like meld and use nautilus , you might also like to try diff-ext:

    It’s an extension that makes it easy to compare files by right clicking on them in nautilus. It may work with kde, too, and with other diff tools in addition to meld, but I’ve only used the meld/nautilus combination. It’s a very nice integration.

    Diff-ext is available in the Ubuntu universe repository.

  4. sEbastian says:

    I installed meld and use it with bazaar explorer and it works good – still need to learn some of the functionality of meld but still a good tool.

    In windows I use WinMerge in its version

  5. What I terribly feel that missing is visualizing diff output inside meld; for instance, you can’t “$ diff | meld” diff | meld”, where YOUR_CMS_OF_CHOICE is either git, svn, cvs or whatever…

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