Scheduling Torrent in Ubuntu

We all need our daily dose of torrent. There are heaps of good torrent client for Ubuntu: vuze, transmission torrent, etc. There is only one torrent client so far that allow me to schedule the download on a particular time of the day.

Deluge Torrent

Deluge torrent is great when you want to schedule your download on certain time of day. The latest version that I am using at the time of writing this blog is version 1.1.19.  You can download deluge from their download page.

Scheduling Deluge Torrent Download

I uses task scheduler to schedule my torrent download. Here is the command that I use to schedule my downloads:

Stopping Download

deluge -u console -a "config --set max_active_limit 0"

Starting the download

deluge -u console -a "config --set max_active_limit 10"

Torrent Finders

There are thousands of torrent on the web. Some are more reliable than others. Pirate Bay and Mininova are the most reliable sites for torrent.


tedTV uses RSS feed to track the latest available torrent. It automatically download the *.torrent file and uses your torrent client to download the torrent. TedTV supports quite a number of torrent clients. So far it works very very well with my deluge torrent client.

TedTV comes with a predefined list of  RSS feeds that is use to download torrent. TedTV let us define where it downloads the torrents from:

What’s is your experience with deluge ? Are there any other bittorent client or tracker that you would recommend ?


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2 Responses to Scheduling Torrent in Ubuntu

  1. Chrissss says:

    Do you have a link for tedTV? I can’t find a homepage.

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