My OSX Like Desktop

I have fiddled with my desktop. I finally combine some nifty wallpaper, dock application, and some killer theme.

Docking Application

Ubuntu have some amazing docking application that mimics Mackintosh dock. I highly recommend Cairo Dock. Just enter the following command to install cairo dock

sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

Look and Feel

You will find Cairo Dock under ‘Application > Accessories’. Cairo Dock comes with a number of look and feel. I like the default 2D look for my desktop. You can choose your own look and feel by going to the ‘Views’ menu from the ‘Appearance’ tab.


I like as much screen space that I can get on my desktop. You can change Cairo Dock ‘Accessibility’ from the ‘Behavior’ tab. I choose ‘Keep Other Dock Below Other WIndows Option’ and ‘Pop Up only if the mouse this a screen corner’ check box ticked. This way Cairo Dock is hidden under the any windows you open. Just move your mouse to the right edge of your screen to bring cairo dock up.

Desktop Appearance

I mix some themes and icons for my desktop.


I uses OSX icons for my desktop. has a fantastic collection of OSX icons


I uses dustmac theme from Gnome Look for my controls.

Window Border

I uses Blended Window Border to make my windows blends smoothly to the desktop.

This is what my desktop looks like at the moment. The next desktop stuff that I want to customize are screenlets.


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