Creating Custom Report in Google Analytic

Google analytic (GA) is a simple yet powerful tool to obtain your website visitor demographic. A few weeks ago I launch my experimental image gallery, Nu-LightBox. Ideally I would like to test that my image gallery works well for every browser out there in the world. That this the long-term plan, but for now I want to be able to make sure that it works well for most of my website visitor’s web browser. So I use Google Analytic to gather information about my website visitor.

Getting Started

1. Sign Up at Google Analytic Home Page.

2. Register your website through GA Dashboard. GA will ask you to give the URL of your website.

3. GA will give you a java script for you to include in your website. I recommend that you put this script in a common HTML page of your website so that GA tracks all your webpages.

4. GA Dashboard will show all the website that you are tracking with GA. Check this page if you’re GA is not receiving any data from your website.

Customizing Report

You will see ‘Custom Reporting’ at your left menu. You can create new report from this page. My goal is to know what kind of browser, screen resolution, and OS that my website visitor uses. I choose ‘Unique Visitor’ from the metrics option. I choose ‘Browser’, ‘Browser Version’, ‘Screen Resolution’, and ‘Operating System’ from the ‘Dimensions’ option.

The top 3 browser that my website visitor uses are Firefox, Chrome, and IE.

GA let me drill down to the detail of the browser when I click on the browser name link.

Now I will focus on testing my site on Firefox 3.6, followed by Chrome. I am impressed by Chrome popularity considering how young the browser is. I am extremely glad that there are less and less people using IE to browse my site. Microsoft should really consider upgrading their IE to follow the latest CSS3 standard or IE will be abandoned altogether by website user.


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