Better sharing using addtoany and ubiquity firefox

Ubiquity is a time-saving Firefox extension that simplifies common web activities by letting you give commands to Firefox. Ubiquity allow us to write our own command using javascript. Addtoany is a sharing tools that simplifies the process of sharing in the Internet. I wrote a simple Ubiquity command that allow me to share web resources via ubiquity. I share the code in my Google Code Ubiquity Project.

You need to install ubiquity. You can download Ubiquity from Ubiquity Mozilla Lab. Verify that Firefox has installed Ubiquity by going to ‘Tools > Add-ons’. You should see Ubiquity listed as one of your add ons.

Just double-click Ubiquity from the add-ons list. Firefox will open Ubiquity tutorial page. Follow the tutorial if you would like to know more about how ubiquity works. Click the ‘Hack Ubiquity’ menu to open the Ubiquity Editor. Copy paste the addToAny.js source code into the command editor and save it a file in your hard disk.

Verify that you can use ‘addToAny’ command by looking at the ‘Your Commands’ page.

Now we’re ready to use the addToAny command to share on the net. Open any website that you want to share. Next open Ubiquity. Type ‘addToAny to’ follow by the sharing service that you use. If you want to share in Digg you can type: addToAny to digg. Press ‘Enter’. Addtoany will send the website you want to share to digg.

I am really eager to add more customize Ubiquity commands and share it with the rest of Ubiquity user.



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2 Responses to Better sharing using addtoany and ubiquity firefox

  1. Pat says:

    Hi Zainul,

    I’m Pat from AddToAny. Love this. 🙂 I actually wrote my own command when Ubiquity was in its infancy, but I think they’ve changed the API since then.

    BTW since you’re on, maybe you’d be interested in the Share button inserter (a bookmarket)?

    Cheers, and thanks for utilizing and extending AddToAny!


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