Online backup solution for Ubuntu

Backing up data is very important to protect yourself from the hassle of hard disk crash or corruption. Creating a back up on the web gives us the convenience to retrieve our data anytime anywhere as long as we have an Internet connection. I found some on-line solutions for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu one comes with Ubuntu Karmic. If you have Ubuntu Karmic installed you can access it from ‘Applications > Internet > Ubuntu One’. Ubuntu one creates a folder in your home folder. Any files that you put in your local Ubuntu one folder will automatically synchronize on the web with Ubuntu. Ubuntu one lets you share your files with anyone on the net by putting your files in the public folder. You can also synchronize your evolution contact wand tomboy notes.

Drop Box

Drop box gives you an initial 2GB free storage on line. Yo can find the .deb installer from Drop Box website. You can access drop box from ‘Applications > Internet > Drop Box’. Drop box create a folder in your home folder. Any files that you put into this folder will automatically synchronize with drop box. Drop box also let you share your files that you put under your public folder.

Jungle Disk

Jungle disk comes with 5GB free disk space for you. They will charge $0.15 per GB for anything above 5GB. Jungle Disk Desktop Backup solution is able to back up your Ubuntu files. Unlike Ubuntu one or Drop Box, we cannot share our files with the public in Jungle Disk.

Pricing Comparison

Name Free Space Extra Space
Ubuntu One 2 GB 50 GB for $10/month
Drop Box 2 GB 50 GB for $9.99/month; 100GB for $19.99/month
Jungle Disk First 5GB is Free Extra 15 Cent per GB More Detail …



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8 Responses to Online backup solution for Ubuntu

  1. Henry Dubb says:

    What about Spider Oak?

    I just wished Ubuntu One worked right. Everytime I rebooted it thought I was a different computer.

    DropBox is pretty good. Its USB stick cloud though. It does that well, no matter what computer, phone, operating system I have Drop Box.

    That’s different from backup though. Spider Oak is by far the cheapest and best. For $10 you get 100 Gb of data – compressed. It works on Linux and other operating system such as Mac and Windows.

    Right now the ideal system is DropBox for cloud and SpiderOak for backup.

  2. Hi Henry,

    Thank you for the tips on Spider Oak. Their pricing plan and features are comparable to Drop Box. It is definitely another viable option next to Ubuntu One.


  3. Myke says:

    I use CrashPlan

  4. Tristan Rhodes says:

    I also use CrashPlan. It only provides backup, not file sharing or synchronization. It is free to backup to your own computers (awesome feature).

    I send my backups to my father’s computer, and I bought the unlimited backup service. This keeps me in control of my data, and I can recover fast from my father’s house using a USB drive.

    • Crashplan looks like a good solution to create a local back up. I am considering to use crash plan to replace a cron job that I schedule every night to zip up my important files and place it under drop box folder. Thank you Myke and Tristan for the recommendation.

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  6. retimer says:

    Thanks for advice with CrashPlan, I didn’t know about this service. Right now i’m testing it and i like it so far.

  7. Greate post says:

    Can you provide more information on this?

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