Ubuntu Desktop Application for Social Media

The news is that Ubuntu Lucid Lynx incorporates social media into its desktop application. Ubuntu Lucid Lynx integrates Gwibber, an open source microblogging, into its desktop.  Gwibber promises seamless stream of information from popular social media such as twitter, facebook, friend feed, etc. Let us see how Gwibber compare to existing social media desktop applications.


TweetDeck is a popular social media desktop application that allow us to connect to Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, and linked. Tweetdeck is able to shorten URL using bit.ly.  My favourite feature in TweetDeck is that I can create my twitter list, and view trending topic in twitter. I am also able to watch you tube or view image gallery directly from Tweet Deck.


Seesmic is build on top of Adobe Air. Seesmic user will be able to use Seesmic to manage their twitter and facebook conversation. It also allow us to drag and drop images from our webcam to share it with our peers. Seesmic is very similiar to TweetDeck.


Gwibber is quite new compare to Seesmic and Tweet Deck. It is an open source software based on python and webkit. Gwibber allow us to connect to Identi.ca, Digg, Jaiku, Facebook, Pownce, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. Gwibber is maintained by Ryan Paul of Ars Technica. Gwibber promises a lot of neat functionalities in the future. It is still Alpha release but as of now, it has been quite stable for me.


Application Supported Social Media Site Technology Platform
Tweet Deck Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, MySpace Adobe Air Windows, Linux, Mac
Seesmic Twitter, Facebook Adobe Air Windows, Linux, Mac
Gwibber Identi.ca, Digg, Jaiku, Facebook, Pownce, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter Python, Webkit linux



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