Mashing up Google Map and Foursquare

Location based service like four square is amazing and have a huge potential how we share data with our peers. Imagine if we can have a user generated content to locate places to get the best bargain in town or the best dining place in town. Foursquare was one of the pioneer in location based service. It is a great website for people to share tips and shout.

Check in and Mayorship

For those who has a smart phone like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Palm Pre, checking in to foursquare is a breeze. Your phone will be able to automatically detect where you are and you can check in to four square immediately.

If you check in to a place often enough you’ll get a ‘Mayorship’ of that place. Although it sounds silly it can be quite fun trying to maintain your mayorship status by competing with your friends or other people. Certain vendors also offer free drinks for you if you become a mayor of that place.

Google Map

Google Map is an amazing service that help user to locate venues on the globe. User is able to get direction, traffic news, and reviews on venues listed in Google Map. Google has turn their map into a social playground for their user by allowing us to create our own map. We can create our own map, putting our favorite places on Google Map and share it with our friends. We can also collaborate with a group of people by synchronously edit our map together.

Check in to Foursquare via Google Map

I started a website to experiment on the possibilities of letting user to check in to foursquare via Google Map. The website uses Google Map to pinpoint user location. It let users find nearby places around them. Locate for me allow user to search for places using Google map, and provide an option for people to check in and share information to foursquare.

The potential here is almost limitless. I can’t wait for foursquare to release a search API so that we can scan for useful information like, best place to eat, best bargain in town, latest events in town etc.

Locate for me does not support user registration yet. So you will loose your search and login session if you refresh the page.

1. My website : Locate for me
2. Foursquare
3. Google Maps



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