Making Google Search More Social, My Wish List

I have been spending the week playing around with Google’s search and map API for my location aware website. I would say Google has done an amazing job in enabling developers create search application on the fly.

Review Sharing

Google Local Search gives us access to a number of useful information such as address, direction to the place, and customer review. It will be amazing if Google releases an API that allow developers to search through user reviews and let users post reviews from the API. Imagine a web application that allow its user to search for Google user review on certain place, post reviews, give ratings and share them through other Google web services such as Google map, Google buzz, or Google reader.

Buzz Integration

Despite the bad press on Google Buzz, Google has done an admirable effort in improving the privacy flaws around Google Buzz. Buzz no longer automatically connect users based on their e-mail and chat usage. Instead, the service will offer a list of suggested connections for the new user to accept or reject.User can also choose to disable buzz completely through their Gmail. There is also a setting that permits the user to hide their following and followers lists from their Google profile. Buzz also no longer connects to the user’s Picasa album or Google Reader shared items.

Another idea that might be good is if Google release an API that allow developer to search for popular Buzz around their local area. This has the potential for Google to provide a location aware service that can compete with existing location aware service provider such as Gowalla or Foursquare.

Google Search Area Restriction

Google Local Search gives us access to Google’s search ability to search popular search result around your area. For example you are located in San Jose, CA, USA and you would like to know hotel around you:

It will be good if Google allow us to restrict the search within distance, example: give me hotels within 10 meter from my place. This allow users to look for search results or landmarks around them more efficiently



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