Python Knowledge Well : Acire

I recently followed Jono Bacon. He is Ubuntu Community manager in Canonical. He created a great application called Acire where people can share their python code snippets to help everyone learn python. Acire provide a good learning point for anyone who want to get their hands on python. Experimenting on real working code snippets is always a good way to learn a new language.

Python is a great language. It’s simplicity is its main strength. Furthermore Ubuntu comes with python interpreter making it easy for Ubuntu user to develop python. At the moment I am writing simple python scripts using pydev for eclipse 3.5. I can’t wait to start sharing what I have learnt so far about python. I also encourage everyone to do the same. Let’s help python comes out from it shell. Let’s nurture python to become the next great language in the world.

Here is a screen shot of Acire from my desktop:



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2 Responses to Python Knowledge Well : Acire

  1. aperson says:

    Interpreter. While you can compile python, you usually don’t.

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