Salmon: Interoperable Commenting Protocol for the Social Media

Salmon is a new project by John Panzer. Salmon aims to unify the fragmented conversation in Web 2.0. Salmon notifies the original publisher of a conversation when other people comments on their entry. Here are some slides from that explains the basic of Salmon.

Reducing Lock In

Some people have more than one social media account. I have Google Reader, WordPress Blog, Friends Feed, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious. I link my twitter conversation with facebook using facebook twitter app.

Twitter Facebook app is great application that allow me to update my facebook friends what I am doing online. The drawback though that this app is controlled by Facebook. Facebook defines what Twitter App can and can not do from its Facebook API specification.
Salmon reduces a lock in by any social media platform by encouraging openness. Salmon it self is an open source project hosted in Google Code project. Any social media service provider will be able to implement Salmon with no cost.

Real Time Sharing for Real Time Conversation

Salmon works almost like a pingback or trackback. The publisher get notified when other people commented on their conversation. Writers, authors, blogger gain a better understanding on the public response about their stories, opinion, or ideas by looking at what other people say about their blog when they receive a pingback or trackback. Salmon provides this service on a bigger scale.

Imagine if you tweet : “Hey I just had a great meal at restaurant X”, or you mentioned “I had greatly brewed espresso in Cafe Y” in Facebook. It will be great if we can hear what other people saying about these conversation without having to log in to Twitter or Facebook to hear what other people say about restaurant X or cafe Y.

Salmon gives us a better picture of the conversation that is happening around our ideas across different social media provider.

Future Direction

Chris Messina posted his view on Read Write Web about Salmon. He praise and Cliqset who have adopted Salmon to promote conversation openness. There are more work to be done with Salmon. Everyone need to lend a hand to contribute code and improve the specification.

I look forward to see whether Salmon is the one who will unite the fragmented conversation that is happening in social media.



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