We Dare You to Network in Unvarnished

There is a new personal review website called unvarnished. Techcrunch mentioned that : “Unvarnished is the version of Yelp for Linked In”. Anyone can anonymously create a profile about someone and submit review on them.

Shaking the Foundation of Social Capital

Web 2.0 gives more flexibility to invest in our social capital. Social capital is build upon trust, integrity, and mutually benefiting relationship with our peers. We invest in our social capital in Web 2.0 by promoting our profile, good will, work through a plethora or social networking tool.

Brian Solis wrote in his blog that: “social capital is a strong ally, an elite catalyst for lucrative relationships, and now a metric for qualification, consideration and ultimately success (however you define it)…”.Unvarnished shakes the very foundation of our social capital by allowing random people to post negative comments about us. Unvarnished allow us to claim that profile but it will not let us take down the negative comments.

Trust Issue

Readers, listeners judge the credibility of a source based on the intention of the author, a good authoritative figure or source who backed up the author. Credible news source such as BBC, CNN build their reputation as credible source of news and information through years of good reporting. They have an honest intention of reporting news that inform the public, and they are backed up by a strong brand of their company who invested years and years in amassing a huge social capital through strong and lasting relationship with their readers and new source.

Defaming some anonymously will never ever project an image of good intention nor credible source behind the author. Trusting a news source without critically evaluate their intention and information source is a novice mistake and will not impact professional entities who have proven themselves through successful enterprise effort and public relation.

Closing Thoughts

I would like to see how far Unvarnised will be able to maintain its existence in Web 2.0. Unvarnished has an interesting model. Other social networking site build upon the concept of the promoting trust and social capital through their community. Unvarnished is doing the opposite.  Here are my closing thoughts:

  1. Sign up and submit unbiased and credible review on other people.
  2. Pass around your Unvarnished invitation to those people who would like to help promoting other people well being.
  3. Share your thoughts and opinion about the site.
  4. Inform others about the good and bad of unvarnished.



About zainul franciscus

Hi, I am a software developer and tech blogger who is currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. I write stuff that I find interesting on
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2 Responses to We Dare You to Network in Unvarnished

  1. Carissa says:

    It’s hard to imagine any company actually using unvarnished to base promotion or hiring decisions on because they’ll immediately be hit with discrimination lawsuits.

    In the realm of entertainment, http://www.dirtyphonebook.com already does the anonymous personal reviews concept well.

    I think there are also problems with unvarnished’s facebook integration. I’m certain that’s how they get their data, right?

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