David Tallamelli on Social Recruitment

The explosion of profile sharing on Web 2.0 provide access to recruiters about a candidate profile. David Tallamelli Oracle’s principal recruiter for the APAC region. He created the Oracle Recruitment Blog to talk about Oracle, Recruitment, and Web 2.0.  Justin Hieller recently interviewed David on Social Recruitment in his Social Sofa series. David talked about his views about social media and recruitment. Social Media provides access to information and wider reach to potential candidate.


David made a comment during the interview that Blogging provide transparency. Candidate will have a better understanding of the organisation through the Blog. Potential candidate will be able to reflect on a personal level on his expectation on the job and the organisation. Creating transparency through Blogging enable candidates to make a well informed decision during the recruitment process.

Crafting our Social Identity

Social Media is a powerful tool for communication. My previous post on Twitter highlights how Twitter affects public perception. We must not forget that our social media profile affects how other perceives us. Creating a profile in social media is easy. It does not take more than 10 minute to create a profile in Twitter, Google, or Facebook. The challenge is how to create a Good presence. David mentioned in his Social Sofa interview that having an online presence is good, but building a good image in the social media is very important.

I summarize a few social media tips from popular blogs. I hope that these tips help everyone to create a good online presence. You can visit each Blog to read the complete article.

Boris Epstein via Mashable

Candidates social media profile should have a genuine recommendation from peers, managers, or colleagues.  A profile should have a picture  and connection to relevant groups from their professional field. Candidates should update their social networking sites regularly with relevant content that shows their professional competence. The content should have a good balance between personal and professional life.

Chris Brogan

Blogging is your potential home base. People who want to develop brands need to have a blog. We need to present a professional blog content. Write your blog with both passion and humility. Be humble and refer to experts or opinion leaders in your blog. Read other people blog to learn what they are saying and join the conversation by giving valuable comments on their post.

Dan Schawbel via Tamara Weinberg

We need to have a clear idea of who we are and what we want to be known as. Associating ourself with other well established brand help to promote credibility to our profile. Try partnering with other people with similiar interest. Collaboration may lead to superior end result. More importantly we need to be unique by providing fresh perspective on brand new concepts.


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