Technocrati Claim : KT8YKAPPUFRR

I sign up for Technocrati months ago when I started my Blog. Claiming a blog in technocrati is basically adding your Blog and your profile into technocrati directory (See more detail in their FAQ). Technocrati will give you a token after you submit your blog to technocrati . We need to publish this token to your post (Just like what I am doing). My Claim token is KT8YKAPPUFRR. I put this in my post and the title of this article so that Technocrati can verify the token from my blog RSS Feed.

Claim Process

Claiming may take a few weeks. For me it took almost a month, until I forgot about it. Jeff Hendrickson post a nice article on his experience and how to trouble shoot it.

Claiming your Blog in Technocrati allows gives opportunity to feature your Blog in technocrati search result and categorize them into 20 tags.

I just asked Technocrati to verify my claim. They say it may take some time to verify the claim token. 10 Minutes later I checked and Technorati said:
“Apr 13, 2010. Congratulations, your claim is now complete! Your site should appear in search results within 24 to 48 hours.”

About zainul franciscus

Hi, I am a software developer and tech blogger who is currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. I write stuff that I find interesting on
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