An Evening of Tech Talks with Daniel Nadasi of Google

I had a very informative evening yesterday listening to Daniel Nadasi presentation on the “Biggest” computing challenges that Google is solving. One question that I asked him is that “Does he see any value from observing our social preferences through Google’s social applications such as Google Profile or Google Reader”.

He answered that more data will definitely improve ad personalization, but more importantly it should not sacrifice the privacy of the user. He stated that Google will only use our data based on our consent. Considering the amount of data that Google has amassed I personally feel thankful that Google treats our data with the highest professional conduct. Daniel’s assuring remark during the presentation gives us additional assurance that Google will definitely respect our data privacy.

I admire Google quick response on the outcry of many of its buzz user. Google wrote an official apology quickly after many of Buzz user complained about its ‘Auto Follow’ function. Not many professional companies give such a quick and graceful response toward their privacy complaints. Google has definitely raised the bar on this matter.

Google’s Privacy Principles

Google has 5 privacy principles. These excerpt were taken from Google Privacy Centre home page on 15th Apr 2010:

We have 5 privacy principles that describe how we approach privacy and user information across all of our products:

  1. Use information to provide our users with valuable products and services.
  2. Develop products that reflect strong privacy standards and practices.
  3. Make the collection of personal information transparent.
  4. Give users meaningful choices to protect their privacy.
  5. Be a responsible steward of the information we hold.

It is clear that Google uses our information to provide better user experience without forgetting their responsibility as a good steward for the information they hold. Google has made good effort to make how they use our information as transparent as possible.

Trust and Risk Taking

Trust is about the degree of risk that we are willing to take in a relationship. Creating a profile in any web service provider carries a risk. People may sell our data without our consent. Google take this matter seriously. Google provides a transparent mechanism for us to customize our experience with their Google Ad. Look at their Google Ad preference page to adjust your privacy setting.

So do I trust Google ? the answer so far is ‘Yes’. But it does not mean that we should not remain vigilant and proactively educate ourself about any privacy risk on the net. Let’s look through Google’s privacy center to familiarize ourself with how Google safeguard our data. How do you feel about the policy ?


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