Your Facebook Fan may worth $3.6

Marketing Pilgrim recently published an article that a fan in your facebook fan page worth $3.60. Third party application developers have been inserting Google Ad Sense, allowing them to gain revenue through the ads. Payvment allow you to link their shopping cart with Facebook Connect allowing you to actually setup a store front in Facebook. Careful marketing may generate some revenues out of your fan in your Facebook. Let us look slightly deeper under the hood.

Adam Singer of Future Buzz stated that it may not be realistic to put the figure $3.6 for a fan. He argued that simply relating at an impression from a fan without having a revenue generating ad on the page will not bring any money.

I am personally loosing interest in Facebook. There are too many white noise in facebook. I have been using 3rd party application like tweet deck to browse Facebook news. suggests people to register for Google AdSense and submit your details to you tube and then start selling your youtube videos. Youtube will pay the video owner some money when people view their videos. According to US Weekly has sold their facebook fan page for sponsorship to state farm.

Your Facebook fan page may accumulate values if they have a good fan base. The social media platform has definitely grows its main functions to connect people into a place where people can generate revenue.


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