Twitter Places API

Gigaom reported that Twitter is going to launch “Places” API that allow user to link their tweet to specific location on a map. Raffi Krakorian promises that twitter places API is going to provide more contextual information such as a meaningful name for a place instead of just the current latitude and longitude information.

Foursquare, Gowalla

Twitter has amassed 100.000 applications according to digital venture beat. Twitter places API may become a potential competitor for Foursquare or Gowalla. Twitter Places API will push other Geo Service provider to provide richer API and functionality for their existing users.

Real Time Information on Location

I am really excited on twitter’s new user stream and places API. Twitter location API provides a secondary source of information that complements what Foursquare has provided us. I would like to incorporate Twitter’s places API to display tweets on a location in my geo service based website Locate for me to complement the existing Foursquare tips on the site.

Twitter Ubiquity

Twitter will definitely provide a very rich real time information on places. Twitter has reached 50 million tweets per day. Twitter application developers have created a lot of Twitter app for smart phone users making it easy for them to tweet more often. Blackberry has recently added their official twitter app. Android mobile user has a lot of options for tweeting, twitta,twit2go, twitdroid, and more. iPhone has 12 wonderful twitter applications that made it easy for iPhone user to tweet from any places.

We will be waiting in anticipation on Twitter latest API development. There will be a lot of potential new functionality and applications around twitter new Places API. What ever twitter will do they promised us that we’re going to love it !!


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