Google, Please Allow Me to Share My Map in Google Profile

I have recently added a Google Profile. In my opinion one of Google Profile’s power it’s it simplicity. The About Me Tab allow me to create a short story of who I am and what I do. If you click on my buzz tab you will see my status updates. It will be nice if user can switch off their buzz from Google Profile. I prefer to turn on my buzz. This way visitor can read interesting stuff or news that I share over the social net.

Sharing the Places I like

Geolocation social media has been receiving a lot of attention in the media lately. Some people says that location service social media will bring a lot of revenue in the near future . Personally I find location based services is very interesting. Location based real time information provide valuable data about places.

I maintained a personal Google Map of the places that I visited in Wellington. This is a way to share with my peers about my activities and as a personal location based journal.

Google Map in my Profile

I created a link on my Google profile to my Google Map. It will be amazing if people can visualize my movement or stories that I share in Google Map directly from Google Profile. Google Map has provided an RSS feed for user to publish their updates online. Google profile should be able to give user the option to publish their Google Map updates as a stream of activities in their Google Profile. User can enrich their Google Profile page by providing location based feed out of their Google Map. It will definitely be an alternative to Foursquare check ins.

What I like about Google Map over Foursquare’s ‘check in’ are

  • I dont have a smart phone yet. I am eyeing HTC or Google Nexus One though. So I prefer to update my location related status update in Google Map.
  • Google Map allows me to put more information on the map compare to foursquare.
  • Google Map has more data on places compare to Foursquare. It is easier for me to add stories just by searching for a place using Google Map search function.

Google Profile definitely has a lot of potential.  We will be waiting in anticipation any new feature that the new Google Profile’s Product Manager, Rick Klau, will lay out for Google Profile’s future milestone.


About zainul franciscus

Hi, I am a software developer and tech blogger who is currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. I write stuff that I find interesting on
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3 Responses to Google, Please Allow Me to Share My Map in Google Profile

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  2. Rick Klau says:

    Zainul – thanks for sharing these ideas. Better integration across Google products, and more flexibility in how we display the content you choose to share – both are high on my priority list for improving Profiles. Keep the ideas coming, and keep in touch!

    –Rick Klau
    PM, Google Profiles

    • Hi Rick,

      Thank you for the kind words. I will definitely keep posting my ideas. Will it be a good idea if I open a thread in Google Moderator or Product Ideas to invite everyone to contribute their ideas for Google Profile ?


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