Removing Application Updates in Facebook

Some people, like me, are not very interested in reading application status updates in Facebook. These white noise cover up the more important status updates from our friends. It is a great lost that Facebook killed its lite version. I was really hoping to use facebook lite to filter out the application status updates in my facebook page.

Hiding Application Status Update

There are other ways though to hide application status updates. If you see an application status updates in your facebook page for example like this one, hover your mouse to the right top corner of your page. A ‘Hide’ button will appear. Clicking this hide button let us hide present and future updates from the application.

Clicking on the ‘Hide’ button gives 3 different option for the user: (a) Hide the update from the user, (b) hide update from the application, or (c) cancel. I only want to hide updates from the application. So I chose ‘Hide Farm Town’.

Facebook will give you the option to see what other updates that you have hidden.

Click the ‘Edit’ Options to view what other application that you have hidden.

Hiding Your Application Updates

You can also help your friend to reduce application updates by disallowing your application to publish updates in your news feed.At your Facebook home page look for the ‘Account’ menu at the top right corner of your home page.

Click the ‘Application Settings’. Facebook will open your up a page that list application that you have used in the past month. Choose ‘Allowed to Post’ option from the ‘Show :’ drop down list. Click on one of the ‘Edit Settings’ link of the application that you wish to block.

Open the ‘Additional Permissions’ tab and untick ‘Publish Recent activity (one line stories) to my wall’.

I am still trying to figure out to hide our friends application status updates without having to click the ‘Hide’ button on our news feed. I think Facebook should allow us to hide all application update from our friend at one go.

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