Jesse’s Stay N Alive Google Friend Connect

I was reading Jesse’s latest blog on his interview Friend’s Feed co-founder Paul Bucheit. I have been a regular reader of his Blog and I would like to join his Google Friends. This is my Google Friend Connect Profile:

I am quite puzzled by the fact that my Google Profile picture is not displayed. It will be great if ‘Google Friend Connect’ gives us an option to link their Google Profile picture to their Google Friend Connect Picture. Google Friend Connect allow me to use our Picasa Album Pictures, adding Google Profile Picture as an option will be a great addition.

Google Profile – The Next Social Media Hub ?

David Talamelli just created a google profile. He sees a lot of potential in Google Profile. Just like me David sees Google Profile as a social media hub that gives our audience a good over view of who you are in the social net. Google Profile has the potential to be the next social media hub aggregator like Giza Page or Xeesm. An advantage that Google Profile have is that, Google already have an array of amazing products such as Picasa, Google Friend Connect, Google Map, that can spice up your profile provided that they are carefully integrated to Google Profile.

I think everyone will share my thoughts that deeper integration of Google Profile and other Google Products will be a good feature that worth pursuing in the future.


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2 Responses to Jesse’s Stay N Alive Google Friend Connect

  1. Jesse Stay says:

    That’s very odd. I thought they were using Google profiles. Thanks for subscribing!

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