What is “too often” ?

Mark Suster posted an article about why he will not want to recruit independent contractors or people who has more than 6 jobs when they reach 30. A lot of people, not only Mark, has the same opinion that people who like to move job too often care about themselves more than their company. Some views that job hopping may not be such as bad thing. Changing job allows you to maintain passion on your job. Some people stay in their job because they love it. It is something that they look for when they wake up in the morning. Some stays because they feel “stuck”.

Working relationship in a company is a two way channel. We as the worker need to be able to project a certain degree of good will that we are going to do good for our employer. At the same time our employer need to engage their employee and ensure that they will respected. Employee need to be ensured that they will be the first to go at the sign of trouble.

These are some of the comments that I share on Mark’s blog on his article.

On having 6 jobs before 30

I do know some of peers have 6 jobs before they are 30 because when they graduated in difficult times. Some of the companies that they worked for did not manage to pay them any money for the first 3 months. This led them to look for other jobs . I guess there should be some degree of consideration from the interviewer to look at why the candidate have more than 6 job.

On independent consultant

Some of my friend decided to become an independent consultant or freelancer because not many company were interested to hire fresh graduate during that difficult period. Some of them actually wanted to work in a stable company because they were not so keen in chasing client for money on a daily basis. These freelancers tend to have self initiative and creativity because they have to do all the job themselves. Some of us who work in big companies tend to do smaller portion of task or functions. The larger or more complex type of work will be given to senior people, or they wont be no major work stream because big task will always be divided to smaller task. Thus company workers may not have the same amount of hands on or creativity compare to these “independent contractors” because of this division of work. This is not a bad thing, I guess divide and conquer comes when you have more people to do the job. Just to be fair there should be a certain amount of consideration given to freelancers or independent contractors.

Managing Online Profile

My friend David Talamelli mention that he feels people should be treated as individual. There should not be a clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer when considering a candidate. Recruiters need to listen the candidate stories and give a fair amount of consideration during the hiring process. We as candidates should try our best to present the best resume or profile.

Jeremiah Owyang wrote an excellent article about managing our online profile. We need to be aware about what we put online. Recruiters are using our online presence as a valuable in put during the interview process. Set up alerts about yourself in Google Alert. Try to listen what other people is saying about you. Update your linkedIn accounts. Get good references. Worked on your resume, polish it. Do your own independent projects to show your passion about your job.


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