Google’s Project X

Facebook has been very aggressive in asserting their dominance in the Internet. Facebook has been attacking Google at all front. Facebook released an OpenGraph API that  competes with Google’s Social Graph. Facebook is sending window decal to local business signalling a strong competition with Google Places. Facebook advertisement is cheaper than Google Ad. Some people has been successful in generating money by targeting specific demography in Facebook Social Network. There is less competition in Facebook advertisement compare to Google and this has become one of the driving forces in Facebook ad.

The Real Time Search Battle

Some people have argued that Google is not very successful in establishing a clear brand in the market. Facebook has started to use this fact to catch up with the search engine Goliath by filling the gap in the real time search. Facebook is armed with ex-Googler employees that have the knowhow to build a good real time search engine. Google is still the leading search engine when it comes to searching relevant information.

Yes Facebook may be useful to look for what our friends like for lunch, or what they have been doing during the weekend. built a recommendation system using Facebook’s social data repository. All that is good BUT we can’t deny that Google is still the authorative figure in the Internet when it comes to searching real information. I use Google Scholar when I work on my research papers. I use Google Web and Blog search to find important links for my blog. I use Google Map when I needed direction to go for my overseas trip. Sorry Facebook you’re no Google !

The Social Media Battle

Google social media products have not been catching up with other social media products. Google Buzz received a bad press when it was launched. Google Wave that was the hype in 2009 does not seem to go anywhere.

There is a lot of excitement around Google’s social product. People are actually very excited in using Google Wave. Google Wave is the future of online collaboration tool. Orkut is gaining popularity in certain country like Brazil. Orkut has become biggest social networking site in India. People use Google Reader as one of their primary source of information for work purposes. Some A-list bloggers such as Rob Diana shares feeds on an average of 273 feeds per week!

Google Profile is gaining a lot of attention. Louis Gray posted his ideas on how to redesign Google Profile. I personally feel that Google Profile real power lies in close integration with other Google Products such as Google Friend Connect or Google Maps. The bottom line is although Google is not at the forefront in Social Media, they have the undeniable potential to be one!

Project X

Some people argued that Google is loosing the social web war to Facebook. Facebook has gained 250 million registered users. This figure represents a huge untapped resource for content personalization.  Facebook has realized they have the power to change the face of the Internet. Whether they will succeed is a good question for another topic.

Google definitely has an array of amazing products. People are very excited about them. Just take a look at their product ideas page. People are pouring their ideas for Google Product. I do not see this in Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, or any other social media product out there. There are a lot of challenges that Google is facing ahead. They need to prevent the brain drain in their organisation. Google needs to be able to integrate their social product into their mainstream products.

Is Google initiating a secret project to reposition the organisation as the Internet Goliath? What is their Project X? Google hinted that they are doing a major work in Google Buzz. Rick Klau is heading Google Profile. Google just recently acquired Lab Pixie and the stealth startup Agnilux. I am pretty sure that whatever Google is doing, they will be creating another amazing product for us.


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