Upgraded to Lucid Lynx

I just upgraded my Jaunty Jackalope to Lucid Lynx last night.  The Ubuntu team has definitely done an amazing job delivering Lucid. The upgrade process is very easy,smooth and flawless. Ubuntu Lucid also comes with a lot of interesting feature that need serious exploration.

Picture taken from Ubuntu Homepage

Thunderbird 3

Lucid Lynx comes with Thunderbird 3. Thunderbird 3 has a lot of neat features such tab search and message archiving. A smart folder that gives a unified view of multiple email accounts. We can also save our queries as a ‘virtual’ folder so that we can reuse these queries as often as possible.

Thunderbird will definitely help me archive my old emails. The next thing that I want to figure out is whether I can connect Thunderbird 3 to Ubuntu to synch my contacts.

Ubuntu One Music Store

Lucid Lynx comes with Ubuntu One Music Store. We can access the music store from our Applications > Sound & Video > Rhythmbox Music Player. The music store will send the music files into our Ubuntu One account. The music files will be downloaded to our Linux box when it synchronizes with Ubuntu One.


Lucid has gone ‘social’ by having its own Social Media client Gwibber. Gwibber organizes our twitter and facebook status updates into a single client. Gwibber is able to show multiple message column just like tweet deck.At the moment I am connected Twitter and Facebook to Gwibber. I’ll connect my identi.ca to Gwibber soon.

There is definitely a lot features that I want to explore. In the meanwhile if you happen to have Twitter, please join us in #Ubuntu to spread the word.

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