I am a software developer and tech blogger who is currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. I write stuff that I find interesting on software and social media. You can find me tweeting at twitter or bookmarking interesting sites on delicious . Every now and then I like to experiment with some web technologies. I use google app engine to host my web applications. I hope to expand this list in the future:

1. Nu-Light Box – an experimental image gallery.

2. Mash Up Feed – I experiment with ROME rss reader and use it to pull different feeds from some social media. I am planning to incorporate more functionality so that it is more than what I can have in Google Reader. This web application was meant to run on Tomcat 6. I decided to launch it on Google App Engine since I have not found a good Tomcat hosting service. The site is highly unstable. I hope to iron out all the kinks once I am done with my other work.

3.Locate for Me – Locate for me is another side project of mine where I explore the possibilities of using Geolocation tools to mashup content from Google map. This website uses Google Gears try to pinpoint user location on the globe.

This is a complete list of the social networking sites that I am actively using :

Google Reader




Friend Feed


Each of my blog entry is licenced under Creative Commons Licence.

Creative Commons License

Thank you.


Zainul Franciscus

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