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Enforcing Privacy In Social Media: Facebook

Danah Boyd in SXSW pointed out that most Facebook users still unable to set their facebook privacy settings as to what they imagine it to be. Facebook is famous for changing their web site layout to the expense of confusing … Continue reading

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Introduction to OAuth Basic

OAuth allows you to share your private resources (photos, videos, contact list, bank accounts) stored on one site with another site without having to hand out your username and password. Giving your user name or password to a social media … Continue reading

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Anonymizing yourself while browsing the internet

We might not realized it but there but people¬† maybe monitoring you while you are browsing the Internet. Take Google for example.¬† Thanks to ‘Google Analytics’ Google is capable to know what website that you have visited without going through … Continue reading

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Managing your passwords

Firefox has done an amazing job in managing my passwords. You can find your saved password by accessing them from ‘Tools’ > ‘Option’ > ‘Security’ > ‘Saved Passwords’. Firefox also put an extra security for your password, by allowing its … Continue reading

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